So here’s a thing

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I’m up to something, but it’s a secret.
(Not really, more info to follow)

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I’m either looking at art, talking to other artists or sometimes if I’m lucky being retweeted by obscure ‘celebrities’ of the games/art world.

I’m not all that interested in ‘real’ celebrities.

Danse M small


Some more spoils from Pottery course at ECC

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Had my last day of the pottery course last night. Of course, there’s a few more pieces currently in the kiln but here I am showcasing what I got to bring home.

palm frond bowl
palm frond bowl 2

The palm fronds bowl is inspired by the Egyptian hieroglyph which no doubt comes from my love of Art Deco design – they loved a bit of Egyptology in the 20s and 30s!

Lemon bowl

I had aspirations to do more fruit-inspired pottery painting but this is the only one I had time to do! Going back next term though so I have no fear there will be an abundance of fruity bowls early next year.

first pot

The first pot I successfully threw (on my first attempt ever at throwing)! This one is going to be a present for my in-laws because they are pottery fans and I think they would be honoured to receive the first ever pot I threw.

Back on the commissions!

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There was a few pieces in this quarter’s commission with SEBRA London Newsletter but this was my favourite – A comparison of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.


It’s so good in fact it got me abused on twitter by someone called @UKIPVoter (which basically tells you everything you need to know)

This person was so rude, even the venerable Tim Doyle stepped in and told him to trot on! I was honoured and highly amused. Bad troll was pretty bad.

First completed piece from Pottery course!

•October 21, 2014 • 2 Comments

Too excited right now – I made a little squat jug from coil building and here it is all shiny and complete.

Amazing sense of satisfaction from making a functional object.

jug 1

jug 2

jug 3

Seriously, check out the courses at they are just the bestest.

More postcards and Edinburgh Festival madness

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I’ve been making so many postcards it’s been unreal. Thought I would showcase a couple of them that have been remarkably successful.

The hair and lips design was one I threw together last minute because I had too much paint left over and didn’t want to waste it. Ended up being the most popular design I’ve ever created and when I made more of them, I can’t keep them in the basket for more than five minutes. Is a really pleasant feeling for sure!

postcard 4

postcard 5

The festival has been brilliant for Little Ox Gallery – people are loving the pop culture prints we have in from the screen print giant, Tim Doyle.

After my recent screen printing course, I’m in absolute awe as to how he does it! He is certainly a master.

Screenprinting at ECC

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I have just done my first screenprint at Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts. The course was excellent and I’m really pleased with the outcome. Looking forward to my pottery course in September to see what else ECC can inspire from me!

SP 1 Bobby

SP2 Bobby

SP3 Bobby

Check out ECC at: they offer a fantastic range of courses.

Little Ox handmade postcards

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We have a bit of a surplus of mountboard at the gallery so I had the bright idea of making handmade postcards. As the festival is just around the corner – we will see how they do with the tourists!

postcard 1

postcard 2

postcard 3

UPDATE: I can’t actually make these fast enough, they keep selling out! Nice to recycle effectively!